Reaven's Story

“ If you wanna go on a Pop / Rock trip, sail away in an Electro boat to travel the world, you should meet Reaven. 4 strong identities, 4 guys who met along the way, leading to a Pop / Rock universe colored with a provocative electro touch.
Reaven offers a very personal Indie Rock sound with powerful and catchy melodies. With different atmospheres, from Acoustic to Rock, the band tries to explore many paths.
They’re known for their intense shows, the special and unique lead voice signature, and a pure work on the vocal harmonies.
It’s also a long story of love since Roméo Bassi (Lead Singer-Guitarist) and Vincent Fernandes (Drummer-Vocalist) were in school together and created their first band in 2004 when they were 14 years-old.
They never stopped playing together since then…
Dive into their universe, join the Reaven’s journey and go someplace you’ve never been before…


Most recent releases...

  • LA On Lock (USA)
    ``This is an Indie Rock anthem that feels like both a protest and a wakeup call all the while offering solid entertainment and talent to back it up.``
  • Rolling Stone (FR)
    ``A sweet mix of Rock, Pop and Electro for the catchy ``Ordinary Heroes`` single from Reaven. A very tasty foretaste of the upcoming album ``For Tomorrow``, planned for the 6th of May.``
  • Angry Baby (UK)
    `` ‘Ordinary Heroes‘, a rip roaring banging song that leaps out and grabs you at the first chord and doesn’t let go until the very last note.``
  • Caesar Live'N'Loud (PT)
    ``I am loving lead singer Romeo's rich tone and how powerful and passionate his vocal delivery is `{`...`}` An anthemic production with soaring guitar riffs nicely intertwined with punchy drums and a chorus perfect to sing along to. ``
  • Latest Pop (DE)
    `` A powerful band with albums composed exclusively of Hits. A band that will go far !! ``
  • Indie Band Guru (USA)
    ``This EP’s uplifting lyrics combined with its anthemic choruses make this a powerful record.``
  • La Parisienne Life (FR)
    ```{`...`}` A five-star opus on which nothing is to be thrown away.``<br /> ``Reaven is doubtless a ``quality label`` and this at all levels``<br /> ``“For Tomorrow” is as impactful in its substance as it is in its form``

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